Terms & Conditions

Before you select us to get all our exclusive amenities or want to place an order on our site online, you must familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of our company. You can get services from us when you follow the protocol with the general conditions provided by the company. This end-user license agreement will help you have your contractual rights. Moreover, you must follow the terms and conditions to get our high-end services.

Products & Amenities

Bestsofaupholsterydubai.ae has an exceptional variety of textile materials for the cushioning and upholstery of your furnishings. All the graphical images on our website are captured from our accomplished projects and are produced digitally for perfect gallery visualization. We displayed these products to give you ideas for our avant-garde products, but you are more than welcome to get your custom-tailored products in your exceptional choice.

To get a precise idea about the quality and appearance of our products, you can personally visit our workshops and check the samples of our textile materials. When you choose us to purchase a product, we make sure that you get your item according to your specified details. You cannot claim a minor material color or pattern amendment, as we won’t provide any compensation for it.

Accurate Measurements

When you want to purchase customized products, we solely design all the products to give your homes a personalized look. We sent our concerned team to your place for precise measurements. Our team takes instructions and approval from you before finalizing your order for a product to avoid any misconceptions. You can download free designs and ask us to make your product identical to it, but you cannot claim any alteration after the product is delivered to your place.

Made To Order Products

Besides custom-designed products, we have plenty of options available for made-to-measure products. Our products and services criteria are different:

  • If you just want to purchase fabric for your furniture upholstery, we provide it according to your demanded size parameters.
  • If the product is not being manufactured, we give the customers flexibility to ask for changes according to their desire.
  • After your confirmation, we will deliver the product and send our craftsmen for the seamless upholstery work.

Material Composition

The color palate for the upholstery fabric varies from batch to batch. Therefore, the slightest difference in the shade of a manufacturing fabric can be ignored in terms of premium quality and reliable services.

Order Processing

You can contact us via different means when you visit our sites online. These are:

Order Via Telephone

When you place an order via mobile phone, you are responsible for providing the correct details about the needed information. We won’t take responsibility for the inaccuracy of information. However, we’ll repeat your order and details on the phone after you confirm it.

Order Through WhatsApp

The written order confirmation is definitely the authentic source, but you must confirm your order after checking the information. If not, you cannot hold us accountable for any incorrect details regarding size or color.

Cancellation Policy

Regarding the order cancellation policy, we provide flexibility until there’s a mistake in the manufacturing process from our side. But generally, this condition doesn’t apply when you order custom-tailored products from us. When there’s a defect from our site, you must inform us within three working days of receiving your order.

You will send us the complete video or picture of the defect you got and report to us with the comprehensive problem description. You will face the consequences if you order with cash on delivery and refuse to pay. In case your order got damaged while delivering, or there’s a fault, we will resend your product after replacing or redesigning it at our expense.

Refund Or Return Policy

Our refunding policy is applicable only if the products are not designed according to the requirement specification of the clients or if the consumer is not satisfied with the quality of the product.

We’ll notify you upon receiving the returned product and refund you through our payment method. If you received a damaged product, you could return it to the nearby location.

Payment Methods

  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Cash On Delivery

Our Conditions To Cancel An Order

Likewise, we also have some contractual rights to call off an order. These are:

  • If you are ordering from a country where we do not deliver a parcel.
  • The textile you picked is not available in stock.
  • There’s a typographical mistake in our guideline
  • The incorrect information about the prices of a product

You should go through our terms and obligations before you get services from us to avoid sudden surprises in the future. Our concept of guidelines for company amenities and limitations will make it easy for you to place an order online.