Create Luxury Arabic Majlis Dubai With Us

We has got you the high-quality and luxury furnishing choice of Arabic Majlis Dubai for helping you create the most welcoming seating organizations.

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Elevate Your Interior Sitting With Our Arabic Majlis Dubai Furniture

We’ve come up with the most premium-grade and ideally comfortable range of authentic Arabic Majlis Furniture to help you create the finest Arabic Majlis Design. Our first-rate sofa and couch collections for Arabic Majlis Dubai is the ultimate furnishing choice combining the perks of captivating aesthetics and serviceable functionality. Our Arabic Sofa Set Majlis is simply the best choice to create adorable spaces for your family members and valued guests.

World-class Designs

Everlasting Coziness

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Explore Traditional And Modern Arabic Majlis Designs

We’ve come up with our all-exclusive creations of the Arabic Majlis Sofa featuring vintage beauty, classy profiles, eye-catching color and pattern ranges and we top up all these factors with our premium customizations of the Arabic Majlis Design.

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best arabic majlis furniture in dubai
best arabic majlis dubai
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best designs of arabic majlis setup

We Create Custom Arabic Majlis For Your Interior

Our high-end furniture range for the Arabic Majlis Dubai décor provides a number of advantages with the coziest seating and low-maintenance structures being the foremost factors.

Exclusive Designs

We stock the most unique yet truly authentic Arabic Majlis Design Sofas with which you can bring about major ambience to your Majalis decors particularly and regular home interiors too

Cozy Upholstering

All of our Arabic Majlis Furniture features premium quality and stain-resistant upholstery, webbing, padding, filling and covering treatments, ensuring easy maintenance and handling.

Versatile Profiles

In addition to choosing the predefined styles of our Arabic Sofa Set Majlis, you can also get our furniture customization services for placing your hands on your preferred couch and/or sofa profile.

Incredible Longevity

Our Modern Arabic Majlis Sofas and couches remain beautiful and cozy for as long as you can think of and investing in this sublime quality furniture will promise you the most favorable outcomes.

latest designs of arabic majlis furniture

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Premium Features Of Our Arabic Majlis Dubai  

These luxury yet cozy sofa sets come in all sorts of profiles such as sofa bed, futons, couches and many other styles and are treated with premium-grade furniture upholstery materials. In addition to that, all the upholsteries are enhanced with stain and moisture-resistant treatments to ensure easy maintenance and prolonged serviceability.

Besides, our Arabic Majlis Dubai and couches have sturdy and resilient build quality and stay much more durable than any other furniture item. This way, you get to enjoy the most pleasant and functionally comfortable seating spaces for longer time periods.

Acquire Traditional Beauty With Our Arabic Majlis Decor – Save 20% Today

Best Sofa Upholstery Dubai has got you the wonderful and beyond useful service spectrum of Custom made Arabic Majlis in Dubai. As implied by the name, you can have your own customized styles of Arabic Majlis as well as other Arabic Majlis Furniture items. You can have both custom made designs and upholstering materials (such as thickness addition, padding or tufting styling) of Sofas and couches in Dubai from us, so as to get the perfect personalized piece of furniture.

And this specialized majlis furniture is meant to perform better as well as last longer too. Apart from the traditional Arabic Sofa set Majlis, we also provide Modern Arabic Majlis Design ideas to help you create the decor of your choice.

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Arabic majlis Dubai
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We Are Leading Arabic Majlis Furniture Supplier Across UAE

And with us, you can design the finest Majlis interior which will be super delightful to be in and exceptionally welcoming for your guests too. As for our versatile collection of Modern Arabic Majlis Furniture, these include Arabic Majlis Sofa, Majlis couch, upholstered chairs, futons, sofa bed, sectional sofa with variety of cushions, Mid century modern sofas, L shaped sofas, U shaped sofa sets and a number of other incredible options.

Not to mention that all of these furniture pieces offer maximum and flexible accommodation. This way, you can greatly enjoy adorning your Majlis spaces as well as Iftar Majlis for the perfect hosting of Iftar gatherings!

Browse Our Sofa Upholstery Products

Create your dream Arabic Majlis Decors with our featured majlis furnishing equipment available in both classic and modern themes

Reason To Prefer Us?

Best Sofa Upholstery Dubai is the renowned platform that provides specialized furniture upholstering and fixing treatment services along with the most incredible furniture customizations, as well. All of our furniture products as well as enhancement services come at affordable pricings and you get to enjoy maximum cost-effectivity, as well.

Mesmerizing Options

Our furniture items not only serve as the most dynamic and cozy seating arrangement for your Majlis decors but also come in plenty of options to suit each and every theme.

Incredible Build Quality

Getting our Arabic Majlis Sofa is a major value-for-money investment, you can also consider this furniture for basic usage and can totally expect it to last the longest.

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Are You Ready to Create Arabic Majlis At Your Home?

We are a reputable company based in Dubai that specializes in crafting and selling Arabic Majlis Dubai that are intricately designed and expertly crafted to capture the timeless elegance and intricate beauty of Arabic culture.

Our team of skilled craftsmen and designers work tirelessly to ensure that each sofa is a true work of art that will leave a lasting impression on all who see it.

Arabic Majlis Dubai

Arabic Majlis Sitting FAQs

Majlis is a large area for seating in Arab houses. This large room is specifically designed as a receiving area for guests.

Yes, you can get your Arabic Majlis customized with desirable furniture placement and made-to-measure carpet installation. Similarly, the interior decor and theme can be personalized.

We offer the services of highly trained, experienced, and skilled craftsmen available all the time for manufacturing custom Arabic Majlis Sofa.

An Arabic Majlis is a spacious interior primarily designed to accommodate a large number of seatings at a time. Therefore, you should spare the largest room in the house for this setup.

Commonly, cotton and polyester are the materials used for upholstering Arabic Majlis sofas. Similarly, the sofa filling materials are chosen likewise from various different options.

At our showroom, you’ll find an extensive range of amazing options for Arabic majlis floor sofas, Middle East sofas, L-Shaped large-sized sofas, U-shaped sofas, and various forms of comfy seating arrangements.

The type of sofa to be selected determines the cost and there’s a range of other factors that influence Arabic Majlis sofa pricing. However, the pricing starts from AED 600 and onwards.

An Arabic Majlis Sofa comprises 2 armrest pillows, 2 backrest pillows, and cushions for seating.

An Arabic Majlis Sofa is a floor seating option, unlike normal sofas with attached feet and height. Similarly, the armrests of an Arabic Majlis sofa are large-sized and foam filled for added comfort.