Privacy Policy

We at tend to serve our clients in the best possible ways to earn their trust. We firmly believe that customers have the right to secure their personal information, and we make it possible with our high-end privacy terms. The confidentiality of the customer’s personal information is our primary concern.

We assure you that a third party can’t access the facts and information you share. You can rely on us because we only collect the data that is needed for the necessary process and keep your information secure by limiting access. We follow all the obliged rules and regulations that are required to protect the privacy of our users.

We collect your data for fundamental reasons and conduct a data privacy audit to keep your information confidential. To make it more clear, let us tell you that your data is used just for the processing of your desired order. Besides that, we use your details to get instructions from you until your order gets delivered to your threshold.

Privacy Of All Users And Guests

All the users who come to visit our site must be aware of our privacy agreement which includes the following:

  • Any unauthorized party cannot access your details without your permission.
  • We don’t send any promotional emails to you until you ask for them.
  • The sensitive information we gather from you follows the data protection act.

Confidential Information We Collect

The secrecy of your private data is our primary goal; hence, we ask for the information that is needed per the hour’s requirement. The personal details we ask from the clients are:

  • Your Name
  • Authentic Address
  • Contact Number
  • Email Address
  • Credit/Debit Card Details

Non-disclosure Of Personal Information

We appreciate your trust in us to keep your information private and secure from unauthorized users. Our company takes serious note in case of any mishap and tries its hardest to keep the service flow according to the internal security policy or law. You can be sure of the secrecy of the information you provide to our company to place an order because we don’t let you be disappointed in us and take every possible technical measure to serve you with the best.

Reasonable Security Practices & Procedures

For high-end security purposes, we don’t gather information until you let us, and the information we keep regarding you is up-to-date. For your ease and satisfaction, we are sending the duplicate information file to your email address. You can take a look at that file, and if you notice any misleading information, you can ask for our assistance, and we’ll immediately rectify the issue for you. We’ll ask for your consent if we need to give your details to anyone out of the region.

Updation In Privacy Statement Or Law

Over time, we modify the rules and regulations of our firms’ privacy statements. Hence, you can visit our site to check for updates or any alterations made to the privacy policy. As we modify the rules according to the needs and requirements, you can check our webpage after implementing the privacy rules. We make sure that no one can reach you following the respective information given by you, hence you can be sure of the physical security.

Get Acknowledged With Our Team For Concerned Privacy Queries

If you are still curious about any of the details regarding our privacy policy statement, you can send your query to us through email and get complete details.